Dear Johnny Depp, Please. No More.

Pirates, Johnny Depp

Directed by Rob Marshall

If you’re looking for a forced, bland, pirate movie, look no more. The fourth installation of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides hit the box office this weekend.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) rounds up a shabby team of pirates on his quest to find the fountain of youth. He isn’t alone in this quest. He battles the Spanish as well as the British (led by ex pirate Captain Barbosa [Geoffrey Rush]).

If you want my advice, do not go see it. You will be confused and bored the whole time. The two main reasons for the confusion and boredom are as follows: the script and the editing of the film.

The writing and delivery of the lines was so awkward it took away from the whole film. The humor throughout this whole film was terribly placed and not like what it used to be. I will note, however, that Penelope Cruz did a fine job at her part as Angelica (daughter of Black Beard). She was the only character I thought had an alright performance.

The film editing was done so unbelievably bad I almost fell asleep. Rule number one of fight scenes and editing: quick clips, quick edits. Every single action scene was very slow paced and mapped out. I think this ruined the whole movie. Being a pirate movie, you think it would have followed this rule. Nope.

The landscapes in this film were absolutely breathtaking, but the editing ruined them. Though there are some pretty shots in the film, don’t let that be your deciding factor on seeing it. The director of photography for this movie was Dariusz Wolski. This movie was edited by David Brenner.

All in all, if I were 7 years old I would have loved to see this movie. I can see why Disney is trying to revive this series. It does make a pretty penny. However, I feel like enough is enough. So please, Johnny Depp, just say no.

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