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Top 3 Most Beautifully Shot Films

My list of most beautifully shot movies spans from the years 1967 to 2010. I have here three very different movies from three very different decades. All three movies and directors of photography brought something different to the table when … Continue reading

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Volume Duality Aids Horror Films

0.00s – 0.50s : Definition of Volume Duality 0.50s – 0.59s : Definition of Positive Volumes 0.59s – 1.13s : Definition of Negative Volumes 1.13s – 1.32s : Uses of Positive Volumes in Film 1.32s – 2.01s : Uses of … Continue reading

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Artless Fast Five Hits the Box Office This Weekend

Directed by Justin Lin If you’re looking for an artless, “bro” movie, I have one for you. Fast Five is the fifth movie to the Fast and the Furious series. Ex-con Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) teams up with ex-cop Brian … Continue reading

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Aesthetically Pleasing Movies Use Golden Section

I am dazzled by magic as well as how aesthetically pleasing The Prestige is. The secret of its aesthetics is the Golden Section, which was used throughout the whole movie. The Golden Section helps you focus on one character, while … Continue reading

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Creating Tension With Magnetism of Frame

If you’ve seen Step Brothers, you probably felt some awkward tension between the two main characters, Brennan and Dale. You may think this tension comes solely from the actors themselves, but it also comes from cinematography. The Director of Photography of … Continue reading

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